Honda CR-V is one of America’s best-selling compact SUVs. Perhaps adding a hybrid to the lineup made those sales even more as they were in the past. This is Honda’s first swing at a hybrid CRV.  Honda smartly started from strong a foundation engineered around the same powertrain.

The CRV Hybrid combines a 2-liter Atkinson cycle, four-cylinder, an electric starter-generator motor, and a dedicated electric propulsion motor, in total, there’s 212 system horsepower.

Honda CR-V is a big dependable family SUV, so it has got one of the best reputations, but this CR-V is a bit different from the start as it looks bolder than it was before. Its trunk is quite flexible that’s why many families go for this series.  As we all know as compared to other cars Hybrid cars are more efficient such as this 2020 CR-V comes in roomy seating and have a comfortable ride.

Moreover, there is a nice bonus we get in it that is its standard all-wheel drive. 2020 all CR-Vs include the Honda sensing suite of driver-assistance. It is the cheapest LX trim that can keep itself in its lane or can warn it’s a driver of an impending crash. Similarly, the previous base 2.4-liter engine has been ditched. It delivers very smooth compulsion and it brakes feel utterly natural, unlike most hybrids. Specific figures haven’t been released but Honda anticipates a 50% city fuel economy improvement.

The gasoline models have 28 MPG figures if that estimate is correct we can expect like 42 MPG in the city suite. Honda CR-V is very different from its competitor Toyota Rav4 Hybrid, which has a mechanical all-wheel-drive system. It doesn’t have an electric motor, powering the rear wheels. Its price varies between $28,870-$37,070.

The 2020 Honda CR-V hybrid is a highly fuel-efficient revamped lineup model to take the place of Toyota Rav4 Hybrid and Ford Escape Hybrid. Do you think it’s official MPG figure will be able to beat the MPG of both those cars? Do share with us in the comments.


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