Toyota line up its SUVs for 2021 in which 2021 Toyota Sequoia is the biggest size SUV that makes your trip memorable. Toyota represents a TRD Pro trim for 2021 Sequoia that is the best option for off-road driving. However, the SUV has a pretty high price tag but it provides the best high performance with an all-wheel-drive option. The SUV is big 7 to 8 passengers can sit in the vehicle and space of cargo is also large according to the passengers.

The three rows for sitting are comfortable and reliable for the long trip. Although Toyota has not fully redesign Sequoia the addition of TRD Pro makes its unique and new for 2021. Toyota Sequoia is relevant to the standard technology of Toyota SUVs that are available almost in all SUVs of Toyota. All trims of Sequoia paired with high power train engine V8 that provides strong power to all wheels for performing well on the rigged road. We can say that this is the best class of SUV for 2021.


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What’s New for 2021 Toyota Sequoia?

Toyota has added a Nightshade model for 2021 that is we can say something new for 2021. This new package offers a 20-inch black wheel, darkened chrome on the grille, door handles, side trims badging features makes it’s unique and elegant. The most exciting thing about Nightshade it has black leather upholstery and also available in Wind Chill Pearl, Magnetic Gray, and Mid-night Black.

What’s New for 2021 Toyota Sequoia

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Engine & Performance

Toyota has built a Sequoia with strong engine 5.7liter V8 that can produce 381 horsepower and mated with 6-speed automatic transmission rear or four-wheel drive. Toyota Sequoia is an all-time favorite for providing a high-speed performance in a short time. It’s has a smooth-shifting transmission and quick responsive pedal shifter. The performance of Sequoia highly considerable for buying this SUV and its rear suspension featured is a modern look. The rear-wheel-drive option is standards but you can choose four-wheel drive because it’s optional. The smooth pedal shifter and easy moveable steering are considered for high priority and these both functions are working very smoothly in Toyota Sequoia.

Toyota accommodates its Sequoia consumers with a good performance engine and fast speed transmission. The TRD Pro model is equipped with lifted suspension, beefy shock absorber, and exclusive wheels that make its off-road performance well.

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Only the new edition gets a new exterior and interior style. The new Nightshade model receives a black glossy exterior that is looking pretty good. The exterior color of the Nightshade model suits the body styling of the 2021 Toyota Sequoia. Toyota has never used a two-tone color scheme for Nightshade they have used a black door handles black wheels, darkened-grill, and black exhaust tip to makes Sequoia an elegant style.

The black color is known as attitude shade and Toyota has applied this color to makes Sequoia an attitude SUV that offers a fast speed with a stylish look. However, Toyota has also offered some different color for the Nightshade model:

  • Magnetic gray metallic
  • Blizzard pearl

There is no wild range of colors but all three body colors are fitted very nicely and looking elegant. Toyota Sequoia front look is very aggressive its designed with double grill front LED headlights are fitted at the side of the upper grille and taillights are fitted nicely at the lower grill. There is no large number of lines on the body, Sequoia has a very sleek body and only a few lines are used to provide a shining look on the body.


Safety Standards

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The cabin is never updated for 2021 it continues the old look. as we are expected that Toyota will offer a heated steering wheel, head-up display, and massaging front but regrettably we haven’t seen such features in the new model. However, the most attractive thing in the cabin is it provides a large space for legroom and luggage. Second and third-row passengers can easily sit at the seat and feel easy to spend a long time in the vehicle.

Toyota has introduced something new in the infotainment system to entertain its consumer and make Sequoia an entertaining vehicle. The infotainment features included:

  • 7.0-inch touchscreen
  • Apple CarPlay and Android auto connection
  • JBL audio system
  • Wi-Fi hotspot

Although there is a lake of advanced features in Sequoia as we expect that Toyota will update advanced features in Sequoia because it’s a need for modernism vehicles. Advance and modern technology are used to provide a luxury driving experience. People have used these vehicles for a long trip and want to enjoy the ride with the latest features that are easy to use.


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Safety Standards

Toyota Sequoia hasn’t yet done its crashed test. However, Toyota always stuffs modern safety standards to satisfy its customers. Some standard safety features are included:

  • Rearview camera with cross-traffic alert
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Frontal collision warning
  • The automatic emergency braking system
  • Lane-keep assist
  • Blind sport monitoring
  • Automatic high beam headlights

    Safety Standards

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Toyota offers 6 trim levels in Sequoia and all trims are available with a different price tag.

  • SR5 price is $51,465
  • TRD Sport price is $54,180
  • Limited price is $60,485
  • Nightshade Edition price is $61,485
  • TRD Pro price is $65,590
  • Platinum price is $67,515

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Toyota Sequoia offers a high-speed driving style to its customer with a pretty high price tag. However, there are not enough advanced features that are offered Toyota in the new edition but they offer a V8 engine that covers its cost in a pretty style. The edition of the new model is new as customers want something new every year. Toyota Sequoia is fulfilled all your need of big size SUV with large space for cargo and comfortable space for legroom.

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