Bangladesh Import Policy

Import Policy for Japanese Used Cars:

In Bangladesh Chittagong and Dhaka port is popular for vehicles shipment. Usually, the Roll-on Roll-off method use for vehicle shipment but Container Shipment is also available on customer demand.

Vehicle Import Restriction:

In Bangladesh, you can import 4 years old vehicles. The vehicle’s more than four years old are not allowed to import in Bangladesh. Only Right-Hand Drive vehicles allowed importing in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, only JAAI pass inspection vehicles allowed for import.

Bangladesh Import Policy for Japanese Used Cars

Documents Required:

Here are the documents required for import Japanese cars in Bangladesh:

  • Original passport and a copy of work permit
  • Certificate of title and registration
  • Registration invoice to determine the age
  • Country of origin certificate
  • Original bill of landing
  • Vehicle condition report
  • Letter of authorization
  • Required Import permit from the chief controller (import and export for foreigners)