The affected countries of Coronavirus are surviving in loss because the virus is spread very fast through touching and for the safety of citizens every affected country imposed lockdown. COVID-19 was the first outbreak in Wuhan China and after that, it almost affects 192 countries. The economic activities in the affected countries are going down because all production plants are closed there.

COVID-19 ruining The Automotive Show:

Automotive structure at the international level is affected badly because all automotive shows are canceled and most of the new technology vehicle launching is also delay. Many of the automotive industries are waiting for Geneva Motor Show to showcase their new piece of the vehicle there but the show was canceled.

COVID-19 affects the Launching of new models:

COVID-19 was first found in November 2019 in Wuhan China and due to the traveling of people its spread almost all over the world and to prevent virus countries start lockdown it’s all people gathering activities. After that, the automaker’s production is completely stopped and the launch of new models is postponed. This is the beginning of New Year when Coronavirus outbreak in the world and all the auto manufacturers are waiting for the New Year to surprise the people with new technology. International auto manufacturers’ sale is very affected because due to this import and export is completely banned and the countries that are not affected they are also surviving to import auto parts material from other countries.

How to prevent from COVID-19:

The prevention of this virus is important because it’s spread very fast today. Here are some tips to prevent the coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Maintain social distance
  • Avoid interaction with people
  • Stay at your home and save lives
  • Use mask in a public place
  • Avoid handshaking
  • Use hand gloves when going out from home
  • Sick people should stay at home
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