Everyone knows that the Japanese auto market is one of the biggest and popular markets all over the world. Japan export vehicles all over the world in which cars, SUVs, Trucks, and Bikes are included. Japanese vehicle exporters export used damaged and new vehicles there are 115 above auction houses are located in Japan to provide the service to export vehicles. Every auto industry has some of the classic cars the same as the Japanese classic cars list is very long. The prices of Japanese classic cars vary according to the features and specifications the company provided in the car. Japanese classic car exporters provide full security in their classic cars because one single mistake will decrease their sales volume and down their value in the auto market.

Top Japanese Classic Cars:

There is infinite Japanese classic car history available but today we are talking about the best looking classic Japanese Cars.

Toyota Corolla:

Toyota is known as one of the best car manufactures. Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer and has a large Japanese classic car market. One of the top classic cars of Toyota company is Corolla. Now there are many series of Corolla available in the auto market.

The first generation of corolla was introduced in 1966 and still, Corolla is one of the top-selling cars of Toyota. 1966 to now Toyota has almost produce above 40 million units. The series of Toyota Corolla still a favorite of the corolla users. Toyota corolla is the first popular car in the global market and enhances the sales of the company rapidly.

Mazda 1100S Cosmo:

Mazda 1100S Cosmo was introduced in 1967 at that time this is a first vehicle that is available with lighter weight and small engine. In 1967 Mazda is the single company that introduces Wankel rotary engine. The first Mazda 1100S Cosmo introduced with two-seat.

The shape of this vehicle is sharp and looking amazing car but unfortunately, this car never takes huge attention. At this time when it introduces the global market don’t know about the Mazda that why the company never gains its profit from this vehicle but still its included in the Japanese classic cars because of its shape and engine that engineers fit in the vehicle.

Honda Civic:

Honda Civic is also one of the top Japanese classic cars as Toyota Corolla and still have a high demand in the global market. The first model of Civic was introduced in 1972 and this time the engine power of this car is 1.1 liter 4-cylinder at this time the Honda Civic including in the tiny car as it has only 50 HP.

Over time, Honda has use advance technology and add advanced features in this car and now Civic is the top-selling car in the global market.

Honda Accord:

Honda accord is the top Japanese classic car in its class. The first Honda Accord was introduced in the auto market back in 1976 as a hatchback. Honda Accord was a little larger than the Honda City. Honda accord is a unique model of Honda company still it has a high worth in the global auto market and including in a top-selling car.

Honda added advance and latest features in Accord for the attention of the consumer and now the Accord is available as a compact Sedan. Honda has grown-up the Accord with time and the company has changed the shape, engine power, and exterior, interior of this sedan. The price of the Accord is not too high it’s available at an economical price.

Toyota Hilux:

The market for Hilux is still very high. When Toyota Hilux was introduced back in 1968 it was known as a compact pickup truck. Hilux plays a major role in the compact pickup truck. The market demand for Hilux is very high because of its powerful engine power.

Toyota has changed the design according to the demand and the latest style of vehicle. Toyota has export Hilux in all countries the demand for this vehicle is very high in the global market.


There are many Japanese classic car buyers available in the global market because some people prefer to buy classic cars. After all, companies give the insurance of Japanese classic cars. Every dealer can’t maintain the reputation of the vehicle in the global market. Japanese classic car dealers are famous because they never break the trust of their consumers. Cars are never going to be classic when its old classic cars mean that are old and still their market demand is high. The best and intelligent auto manufacturers always run with advance technology. If the auto manufacturers never adopt the advance technology they could never be a classic in the auto market.

Let us know about your opinion on the above mentioned Japanese classic cars. Stay connected with My auction sheet for more news and updates.

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