Buying an economical car is a dream of everyone. The demand for fuel-efficient cars increases from the last few years. After the petrol prices are increasing rapidly.

Sri Lanka has a large scale market for car selling. There are all types of cars available in the country cheap prices cars, medium prices cars and high prices cars. You can find any range of cars online. Imported Japanese cars demand is very high in the Sri Lanka auto market. As all, we know that japan automotive industry is the world’s largest auto industry. They export their vehicles all over the world. Japanese car quality and the machinery they use in the vehicles is excellent.

Today we are going to discuss the top 10 Best Selling Cars in Sri Lanka.

1. Honda Vezel

Honda vezel is including in the top 10 Best Selling Cars in Sri Lanka. Honda vezel including in the best performance cars. This car gives an excellent performance that’s why it’s a most favorite car. You can find vezel with all the latest features in which cruise control, multi-function steering, keyless entry,  all other advanced features.

Every year thousands of Honda vezel imports from Japan to Sri Lanka. Its 1500cc engine power provides high class driving to its users. Hybrid cars are fuel-efficient and the fuel average of hybrid cars is better than non-hybrid cars. The body of the car is like an SUV Honda vezel is like a small SUV vehicle.

2. Toyota Aqua

Toyota aqua is the best-selling Japanese car. Toyota aqua is the best-selling unit in the global auto market. Its hybrid engine with an electric motor. The car is very popular in the line of Toyota hybrid cars. Its equipped with a 1.5liter engine and all the latest features attract the eyes of its customers. The price of the car is lower as compared to the other hybrid line cars.

It’s including in the 10 top-selling cars in Sri Lanka because of its performance. The fuel average is excellent. It’s available in multiple body colors. The seats are comfortable for drivers and passengers for a long trip. In Sri Lanka, the car is famous for a family used the best performance car.

3. Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto including in the small car and available in cheap price. A large number of Suzuki Alto sold in Sri Lanka every year. Suzuki Alto engine is paired with 800cc power the engine type of this small car is petrol. Its small engine is including in the fuel-efficient cars.

The sale of Alto is very high in the country. Suzuki Alto is available with manual transmission and manual transmission cars are take less fuel as compared to the automatic. You can also find a used automatic or fresh imported automatic transmission Alto in Sri Lanka. Suzuki Alto is highly recommended in Sri Lanka because it’s available with a low price tag.

4. Honda Fit Hybrid

Honda Fit is available with an electric motor hybrid engine and petrol engine. The demand for its hybrid engine is higher because fuel rates are high in the international market. Honda Fit Hybrid is available with advanced specifications.

Safety features are the priority of consumers and its available with all safety features for secure driving. If you are going to the latest model of Fit Hybrid you can find more advanced features. Although its old model 2013 2014 also offers cruise control, power windows, power steering, and many other options that you want in your car.

5. Nissan Xtrail Hybrid:

Nissan Xtrail is including in the highest performance hybrid SUV. Its engine is paired with 2000cc power with an electric motor. You can find all the good and advanced options in this vehicle. Although it’s a high priced vehicle it gives an excellent performance that’s why its sold on the high demand.

The sale of Japanese cars in Sri Lanka is very high and it’s just because their market demands Japanese cars. Japan is very fast in production of the vehicle just because of this its provide vehicle all over the world.

6. Suzuki Stingray:

Suzuki Stingray is highly recommended Suzuki cars are very excellent in performance. Stingray is including fuel-efficient cars. Its engine is equipped with 850cc power and offer a semi-hybrid option. The hybrid engine adds to increase the fuel efficiency ratio. The shape of the vehicle is like a mini-van. Suzuki provides full safety in this model. You can use this hatchback for family use. This is the best option for fuel efficiency problems.

7. Honda N-Box:

Honda N-Box is a small car with a big features option. Like its big cars, Honda offers cruise control, air-bags, ABS, power steering, power windows, multi-function steering, and many more. Its engine power is 660cc. its light engine increases fuel efficiency and gives a fast performance.

Small engine cars are available at a low price. Although high engine power cars are run fast small-engine cars are never cheaper. You can choose manual and automatic transmission as your desire both options are available.

8. Suzuki WagonR:

Suzuki is the oldest small car production brand. Its market for small cars sale is very high because of the performance of its small cars. Sri Lanka including in the countries that highly depend on the import of Japanese cars to fulfill the demand of cars in its country.

Suzuki WagonR offers both transmission manual and automatic with 650cc engine power. Almost all Japanese small cars offer the latest features. After the first launch of WagonR its sold on the high demand. The engine of the car is lighter and gives high performance.

9. Honda N-WGN:

Honda N-WGN is another small hatchback with excellent performance. The N-WGN is paired with 650cc engine power. It’s available with both options automatic and manual. Automatic cars driving is easy but manual cars are including in fuel-efficient cars.

Honda offers small cars to fulfill the need of its small car users and make a strong relationship with them. Used Honda N-WGN is available at a low price. It’s available with different packages and options. The safety features are active in all packages.

10. Nissan Dayz:

Nissan Dayz is the top-selling car of Nissan’s small car production line. The production of small cars is high because of demand. Most people prefer small cars because of their lightweight engine and high performance. After increasing the fuel prices the production of a small car is faster than previously.

Nissan days 650cc engine power with manual and automatic transmission options. Like other Japanese small cars, Nissan Dayz also offers all advanced features to mesmerize its customers.


There are multiple car options available in Sri Lanka but the above top 10 best-selling cars in Sri Lanka are the high priority of its lower class. The demand for heavy engine vehicle is also high but Japanese small cars offer all big car features that are why japan has a large number of consumer in Sri Lanka. Cars become top-selling unit when its sold on the high demand. Fuel-efficient cars demand is high and this need of consumer forced automakers to produce hybrid engine cars.

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