The automatic transmission is a modern feature in the car and very helpful for driving. Driving an automatic car is easy then the manual transmission car. The technology is made for an easy life and automatic transmission is very helpful for driving a car for those who have newly start driving. The reason why everyone chooses automatic transmission car? even its expensive then a manual gear box car is just to make driving easy and go fast on the road. Car is a need of every family and the fast running life is cant spent without a car in your life.

Buying a car is a big decision for everyone but selecting a perfect car is not easy because the person who buys a car first in his/her life doesn’t have any idea about the benefits of automatic cars and drawbacks of manual transmission cars. Some people think that automatic transmission is only available in a big car because they have no idea about the fast technology. Small automatic cars are also available in the market even auto manufacturers prefer to make two variants in very car automatic transmission and manual transmission. Some people are afraid of how to drive an automatic car? Today we guide you about it.

Automatic Car Gear Guide:

The manual gearbox takes high attention as compared to an automatic car. Learning about manual gearbox is not easy without a driving class because of the high demand for automatic cars the production of the automatic transmission is high from the last few years. The start of the auto gear car is not good because not everyone knows that how to drive an automatic car but it’s not a long time after few months everyone knows the value of automatic transmission and its sold on the high demand. In the automatic cars P, R, N, D, and L are mention in the gearbox.

P (park the car):

P is used for parking the car and when you are on P grade you can move the car because of its stop all the wheel for movement.

R (Reverse):

When you are shifting the vehicle to R its use to reverse the car back.

N (Neutral):

Neutral mean your car is on no gear option when you select N you can move the car to use a momentum only.

D (Drive):

D means your car is in the driving mode. It is the most important gear option to understand because your automatic car starts driving when you put the transmission on the driving mode. D is performing three other variants D1, D2, D3, and D1 mean fast driving it is suitable when you have to spend a long-distance it’s helpful for fuel-efficiency. Some of the automatic cars have the option that D1 gear is automatically shifted to the D2 after a high speed that is not suitable for the engine.

Tips For Driving Automatic Car:

Driving an automatic is not rocket science even its easier than the manual gearbox. In automatic cars, auto manufacturers fitter the auto gear option and even you can freely drive an automatic car. Today we are going to tell you about the simple tips for driving an automatic car.

When you sit in the automatic car put your right foot on the left-hand pedal press it and use push start button or key to start the engine use the shifter for gear if you want to drive straight use gear D and if you want to reserve back use gear R.

Use D2 or D3 in traffic its called Creep it’s mean your car is on low gear and run slow in the traffic. The pedal is working for driving and also controls the brakes.

Use low gear while you are driving on the hill and remember that hills take more fuel as compared to the road.

When you want to stop your car keep your foot on the pedal and shift the gear to P the then turn off the engine and you can go out from the car.

Driving an automatic car is much easy because the gearbox working automatically you just shift the gear according to your need. Many people even don’t know what is the automatic car? For those hope so this is helpful for tell them that automatic car diving is easy and helpful for new drivers.

Final Words:

At the last automatic driving is easy that’s why the sale of the automatic car is very high in the global market. Driving a manual car is very difficult for automatic car drivers. Technologies make our life easier that is the reason why everyone working to find new technologies. The automatic transmission is made for those who are on the initial stage of driving. Focus the speed in an automatic car because they run fast as compared to the manual gearbox. The automatic transmission offers more functions that are mostly not available in the manual gearbox.


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