Imported cars trend increased with the demand for vehicles. The demand for imported cars higher in the countries where the vehicle’s development process is not as fast as the demand. Kenya is including in countries where Japanese cars import is very high.


The demand for cars in Kenya is very high everyone wants to buy a car under a low budget. Japan’s automotive industry is very common and popular in low budget cars. You can import a car from Japan at a low price through the auction house. In Japan, auction houses provide low budget cars and thousands of people from all over the world import cars from japan.

Japanese car quality satisfies its customer and enhances its demand. Kenya imports a large number of Japanese cars every year. Import car in Kenya is very simple and easy through the agent.

How to Import Car in Kenya:

How to Import Car in Kenya

Online website technology is very common and helpful for people to search for information about everything. Here is the process of import car in Kenya:

Find Agent:

You can find an agent online to help import cars from Kenya. The agent will help you to find the best option under your price range. The Japanese imported car process is very simple and easy you can find by yourself. But if you contact the agent he will help you to clear all processes easily. They better know the process of shipment and document clearance. They will also help you to find the best car for import.

Vehicles Allowed to Import in Kenya:

Vehicles Allowed to Import in Kenya

Motor vehicle age is specific in Kenya. You can’t import used motor vehicles over 8 years old. This is required by the standard bureau of Kenya. The age of the vehicle is limited to maintain the standard of the country. Old age vehicles mostly available in bad condition and accident risk are high in old age vehicles.

How to Select a Vehicle:

You can find cars in japan online. Japanese provides online access to its customers for import cars. Japan’s auction houses are very popular. People from across the world select online cars from Japanese auction houses. They upload the vehicle with all information. Data that is required to the customer regarding the vehicle is available with price. Your agent will help you to find a car.

Document Required:

The presence of a vehicle owner is compulsory during the customs clearance process.

  • Original passport and older passport
  • Pre-shipment certificate from QIS
  • KRA Pin ( no import documents can be lodged without this)
  • Original bill of landing

Shipment Process:

Shipment Process

Different companies in Kenya offer import cars in Kenya and almost all of them provide three types of shipment:

  • Roll on Roll Off
  • Container Vehicle Shipment
  • Airfreight

Imported Cars Tax and Charges:

Kenya imposes taxes and charges on an imported vehicle. See below how much you should pay against cars:

  • 25% import duty
  • 20% excise duty (sum of import duty and custom value)
  • 16% value-added tax (sum of import duty, custom value, and excise duty)
  • Import declaration fee is a minimum of $5000


Imported cars trend in Kenya increases the demand for the imported vehicle in Kenya auto market. The biggest benefit is you can import 8 years old car. Old age vehicles are available at very low prices. The preference of old cars beneficial for Kenya people because they know it’s hey can buy it at a cheap price. The rules and regulations for imported cars in Kenya made for people to help them cars in a safe environment. You should learn the rules of imported cars in Kenya before an import car. Imported car agent will guide you better than what is suitable for you.


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