Import Cars in Srilanka

Import regulations are not the same for all countries. import regulations applied according to the law of the country. Today we are going to assist you in how you can import cars in Sri Lanka with a simple pattern.


We will provide you the correct and use full information that will make it easy for you to import cars in Sri Lanka. Remember that all information about imports and vehicles available on the internet. Before selecting a vehicle for import you should know about which types of vehicles suitable for you in your country. As we all know that fuel prices circulate in the international market. In this situation, every car buyer wants to get a fuel-efficient vehicle.

In Sri Lanka, the popularity of Japanese cars is very high. Japanese car industry growing very fast and in a few years, Japanese cars demand increased. The easy access to Japanese auction houses makes the car import process easier for Sri Lanka peoples. The auto market of Sri Lanka offers you an extensive range of vehicles. But some peoples are satisfied with freshly imported cars.

A wild range of Japanese cars imported every year in Sri Lanka. It shows the trust and accuracy of consumers. Japanese cars highly recommended in the country because of its long time running machinery and fuel efficiency. A huge line of Japanese cars you can see on the Sri Lanka roads.

Step to Import Cars in Sri Lanka:

Here are elementary steps you should follow to import car in Sri Lanka:

Find Agent:

Find agents who will help you to find the best car according to your demand. An agent is a person who has known about the import process and has links to import cars from other countries. Japanese car importers know about the process and have access to Japanese auction houses. Your agent will resolve all your concerns about the import of cars.

Choose your Desire Car:

The Internet shows you several car options according to your requirement. When you see a huge range of vehicles you can easily assess your need and realized your priority. Select a car that is suitable for you.

Vehicle Age Restriction:

Authorities restrict the age of the imported vehicle. In Sri Lanka, a vast line of Japanese used cars available. Above then 3 years old cars are not allowed to import and above the age of 4 years, big vehicles are not allowed. Under this age restriction, you can freely import cars.

Right or left-hand vehicle:

In Sri Lank, only Right-hand drive vehicles allowed for import.

Book Your Car and Make Payment:

You can book your car online and order it in your country. Japanese cars are booked through auction houses. Like other countries also offer online access to book your car. Book your desired car and make payment of your vehicle. After depositing the payment you will receive an invoice against your payment.

Shipment Process:

Send the invoice you receive against the payment you have pay for your vehicle. The agent will contact the shipping company in Japan and arrange a possible shipment for your country.

Port Clearance:

Contact the clearance company for the purpose and provide all the required documents.

Document Required Custom Clearance:

  • Bill of Landing
  • Owner Passport
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Ministry of Transport Approval
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Import License

Final Words:

The import of Japanese used cars is easy to import in Sri Lanka because the process is easy and simple. Japanese dealers provide online auction house access to its customers that helps select a vehicle. Shipment from Japan to your required destination in Sri Lanka is the responsibility of your agent.

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