Neat and clean cars enhance your car market value and leave a good impression. Usually, we haven’t noticed small scratches and water spots on the car because these are very minor but on dark color paint like black, red these are prominent and decrease your car shine. Sometimes after washing the car we haven’t take seriously to dry our car with a soft cloth and leave it. This is the biggest cause of water spots and after some time the car looking very bad as an old dirty car. You can remove the water spots from your car very easily and without paying any amount to a car care shop. If you don’t want to face water spots on your car then put utmost care while washing your car.


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Types of Water Spots

Different water spots affect differently on your car body. Some chemical water spots badly damaged your car body and if you haven’t removed it on time you may lose your car shine. Here are the types of water spots you can face:

Regular Water

Sometimes we have used old tap water to wash our car and it’s not good for the car body. Hard water is not usually in villages water is not as in urban area and that type of water makes water spot on the car. Water spot not only decreases your car shine but also down your car value in the market.

Regular Water

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Rain Water

Rainwater usually makes water spot on the car that is looking dirty. As we know that some amount of acid mixed in the rainwater due to air pollution. Rainwater spots can damage the paint of the car.

Rain Water

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How to Remove Water Spot

A water spot can be easily removed without investing any money. Just you need to take care that you have timely remove water spots from your car. As you leave the vehicle with water spots it’s difficult to remove.

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Wash your car with Surf Water

Use surf to wash your car and remove water spots from the body. Use good detergent to wash your car because the car body can be damaged with cheap detergent. A high chemical detergent is not good for car washing. Use soft fabric for cleaning your car that will not make scratches on the body.

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Use Fiber Towel

Remember to dry your car after wash because this is the biggest mistake to leave the car after wash and never dry. Use a soft towel to dry your car it’s better to buy fiber towel because fiber towel is very soft and never make any scratches on the car. Fiber towels are available in the market at very low prices.

Use Fiber Towel

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How to Wash Your Car

Regular or weekly car wash can increase the shine of your car body and balance its value in the market for sale anytime. Try to wash your car regularly and if you are suffering in a very busy routine then make a schedule to wash twice a week or once a week is a must. Here are the tips to wash a car:

  • Always choose a shaded place to wash your car. Don’t wash a car under the sunlight because it causes you to dry your car instantly and that will make water spots on the car body and mirror.
  • Use clean water to wash your car because dirty can cause to make water spots.
  • Always wash your car with a good detergent and also use soft fabric to clean the dust from the car.
  • Do not use any hard fabric always use a fiber towel or any other soft towel that will help you to dry your car without making any scratches.

    How to Wash Your Car

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Is Water Spot Harmful to Car Body?

Car’s shine and beauty maintain with its body. If you didn’t care about the car body you may lose the shine of your car. Any type of water spot can be harmful to your car body. Acid or any other chemical water spots can damage the paint of your car and decrease your car’s value in the market. Don’t take it easy or show care less about the car body because once the water spot is never removed on time it can be permanently fixed on the body. Acid and rainwater spots are very harmful to car paint. you need to remove water spots from your car on time if you don’t want to lose your car shine.

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Many car drivers are worried to remove water spots from the car. If you see a water spot or drive in the rain remember that your first responsibility is to wash your car as soon as possible. Wash your car regularly or twice a week so that you can prevent your car from water spots. Let them dry with a soft towel do not leave the wet car in the sunshine.

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