Japan is one of the largest automotive places in the world. Japan exports its used cars to all over the world. Japanese used car demand is very high due to the low prices and advanced technology. Japanese used cars are reliable and trusted that’s why people demand Japanese used cars. However other countries also offer used cars import but the prices of their cars higher than japan cars. All Japanese cars are offered an auction sheet report along with a car to satisfy their customers. If you are going to buy a Japanese car then no worry’s about checking the old condition. You can check the 10 years old auction sheet report of your Japanese car.


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How To Buy A Car With Auction Sheet Report

In Japan, auction houses are working as a used car dealership and they sell vehicles through auctions across the world. All auction houses have their car inspector who inspects every single vehicle of auction houses. The car inspector checks the car condition in detail and mentions all the true information about the car. The car inspection process is very strict in Japan and this is the biggest reason for the Japanese car’s popularity. People from all over the world can buy a car from online auctions and import their ream direct from Japan. Auction house purchase vehicles are authentic and reliable for use because you can see its auction sheet report before spending money. Do not buy a car without an auction sheet report because it’s risky. People buy accidental cars from japan and after maintaining the car sell their cars in the market at high prices. Save yourself from these types of fraud.

How To Buy A Car With Auction Sheet Report

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What is Auction Sheet Report

Japanese auction houses provide auction sheet report along with all vehicles. Auction report is an ex-ray of the vehicles in which the car inspector mentions every single and small issue of the car. The pattern of action sheet report is different but the purpose is the same to provide a true report that is helpful for the buyer to choose the best option. Some auction houses are provided pictures with auction sheet report.

What is Auction Sheet Report

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Which Information Mention in Auction Sheet Report

The auction sheet report is an ex-ray of the vehicle. They made a diagram of the car and mentions every single scratch that is shown on the car body. They also mention that vehicle is accidental, repair, accidental repair, and if comes under the grade. Although every single information that is important for customer mention in the report. Here some essential information that is mention in all auction sheet reports:

  • Mileage
  • Grade
  • Auction date
  • Accidental
  • Scratches, paint, repair, and dents

    Which Information Mention in Auction Sheet Report

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How to Verify the Japanese Car Auction Sheet

Japanese car auction sheet verification is not difficult. You can verify your Japanese used car auction sheet online from an authentic website. My auction sheet is also providing service of auction sheet verification report for its customers. You can verify your 10 years old Japanese car sheet online by its chassis number. Every Japanese vehicle has its chassis id. Chassis id is the identification of the vehicle and a number that is used to verify auction sheet report online. You can verify auction sheet report online direct from japan to check that how’s the old condition of the car.

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Why Auction Sheet Verification Important

Spending money on a vehicle is not easy because you have spent a large amount of your income on the vehicle. The vehicle is our daily life need and doesn’t compromise on its safety and performance. Here are some benefits of auction sheet verification that you need to know before buying a used Japanese car:

  • Auction sheet verification shows the old condition of the vehicle
  • Save your fro fraudulent vehicles
  • Alert you about the security features
  • You can get an idea about the performance by verifying the auction sheet
  • Check the mileage and get an idea of how long it can be a good performance car
  • Check how many parts are paint
  • Gives your idea about the car prices

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There are 200+ auction houses are working in Japan and all provide accidental repair and grade vehicles. It’s not true that all auction houses provide only good condition car that comes under the good grade. They are dealing with all types of vehicles. Do not trust dealers provided reports because they generate a fake report to sell their vehicles at a good price. Always verify the auction sheet report by yourself from an authentic website.


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