The world’s largest auto industry Japan is blessed with best automakers. Japanese automakers are discussed at the international level. The comfort of Japanese cars provides security and fulfilled the satisfaction of customers.


The overall automotive industry in Japan is providing all types of vehicles to its customers. They are not only stuck on some vehicles because they have a large number of consumers in the international market. To meet the level of international market need Japan auto giant’s work hard and use advance technology to attract consumers. Today we can see that Japanese car brands are located in all big countries.

The reliability of Japanese vehicles gains popularity in the world. Even the Japanese used car demand is very high because of the quality. Japan including in the 3rd largest automotive industry in the world. Become the first choice of consumer they provide all their best. Some best Japanese car brands will become the world’s best car brands in the future. Let’s start a discussion about the best Japanese cars brands:

1. Toyota

Toyota is one of the best car leading brands in Japan. Toyota auto plants are located in different countries. Every year a large number of Toyota cars sold across the world. Toyota sold above then 10.35 million around the world. The trending of electric cars increase globally and Toyota not far away in this line. The top-selling car of 2019 is Corolla and that is manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation. The demand for Toyota’s hybrid and electric cars is very high because they have a strong position in the auto market.

2. Honda

Honda is the second-best car manufacturer brand of Japan. Every year Honda almost sold 5million cars around the world. The best-selling car of Honda is it’s sports cars. The power and speed of Honda cars increase its demand in the auto market. The sedans and SUVs by Honda also sold in high demand. Honda Vezel, Civic, City, and Fit are the top-selling Honda cars in the global market. A high number of these vehicles export by Honda to other countries.

3. Nissan

As compared t the past years Nissan has improved its sales and production. Nissan increases its production and adopts advanced technology to meet the demand of customers. Now Nissan almost sold 5.77 million units of its vehicles around the world. They increase its 2.6% sales year on year. The top-selling cars of Nissan are Sentra and Altima. Overall the selling of Nissan cars increases as compared to previous because of its strong marketing strategy.

4. Suzuki

Like Nissan Suzuki has gained popularity with the time. In the last couple of years the demand for Suzuki cars down in the international market because it’s vehicles not meet the demand of the market. Suzuki has sold almost 3.16 million cars across the world in which WagonR is the top-selling car. The launching of WagonR increased Suzuki cars popularity in the world.

5. Lexus

When we discuss luxury car Lexus is one of the best luxury car producers. Lexus is also owned by Toyota. Toyota introduces its luxury cars by Lexus. Lexus covers 70 countries in the world and provides its premium quality cars almost all over the world. Lexus including one of the best luxury car producing brand in Japan.


All the above Japanese automakers have a strong market position in Japan as well as in the global market. Japanese automakers trying to make their position more strong by providing all their best production. Today Japanese cars are most favorite because of their quality insurance. Japanese auto giant provides all types of vehicle cheap prices economic prices and luxury cars. To meet the market demand they put hard effort and now they gain popularity in the automotive industry.

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