Everyone knows about the top class car manufacturing industry in Japan. Japanese used car dealing is not like other countries. They have a proper technical system for selling used cars.


Japanese reliable dealing makes their position trustable in the customer’s mind. Today Japan has a high line of international consumers of its old cars. Like other countries used cars in japan also sold through dealers but its called auction house. Japanese used car dealing is very large and enhanced day by day. To do such a thing for customer’s satisfaction is very important for them. Japanese used car dealing is an online process. All the biggest dealers in Japan provide used cars through auction houses.

You can buy online used cars from Japan through auction house online website. The auction house offers membership f online access to see all used cars available for sale. To provide an online system to its customers create an easy way for its customers. The consumer who wants to export Japanese used cars in another country can easily do this. Auction house provides all details about a vehicle online for customers.

How to Buy Car from Auction House:

More than 150+ auction houses are located in Japan and almost they all provide online service for all over the world. Anyone can buy a car from the japan auction house but you should be a member of the auction house. Auction houses offer membership to its customer to check the availability of the car. Millions of used cars available in different auction houses at cheap prices.

The main purpose to choose auction house is they sell Japanese used cars at cheap prices. A huge number of Japanese used cars export is just because of its auction houses. They are upload all true information about cars. All auction houses provide auction sheet report of all cars in which the condition of the vehicle mentioned clearly and its made by auction house car inspector.

Top Car Auctions In Japan:

Although Japan has a huge number of auctions some auctions are including at the top of the list. Let’s see the top auctions in Japan:

AUCNET Auction:

AUCNET was established in 1985 and it’s a first TV auction. They offer live bidding system because they have no physical location. They have a large number of consumers because of their reliable online live system.

USS Auction House:

USS Auction House is one of the best-used car leading auction in Japan. They provide services from Monday to Saturday every week. They have a very smooth system of car bidding and their inspection service is excellent. You can participate in the USS in different ways:

  • On-Site
  • Via Satellite
  • Over the Internet

It’s up to you which is suitable for you.

TAA Auction:

Toyota Auto Auction (TAA) is adding to the major auction houses in Japan. This auction house is owned by Toyota and located for Toyota cars auction. TAA start its auction services in 1967 and it becomes the largest Toyota car auction in Japan. In the line of selling used cars in a smooth way, they are playing a major role.

ARAI Auto Auction:

One of the largest auction houses that hold almost 28,000 registered members is ARAI Auto Auction. Its also called AAA for short. ARAI Auto Auction opens of car bidding six days in a week. Every six working days Monday to Saturday almost 10,000 vehicles are sold by AAA auction house.

JAA Auction:

Japanese Automobile Auction (JAA) is a medium-sized auction house in Japan. The system of car inspection and bid is smooth and reliable. Every month almost 45,000 vehicles are sold through JAA auction house. JAA Auction held on Wednesday and Saturday.


Buying Japanese used cars makes your car value high because everyone knows that Japanese auction houses provide top-class services. Buying of Japanese used cars through auction houses enhance customer interest. They provide a smooth system for their customers. Auction houses provide a car inspection report that is a very important document for the customer before choosing a vehicle. Auction sheet report is declared by the car inspector in which true information about the car is mention.

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