The official revealed of Travel Trailer 2021 creates an amazing craze in the automotive industry. Living on a wheel now becomes true and you can spend your holidays or travel days on a wheel with a home style. No doubt it’s not the first time that we have seen a home-style vehicle but in this type of luxury style, we have seen the first time. The engineers of the vehicle optimize the relation of wheels and luxury homes in an amazing style. The introduction of modern advancement with sufficient style gives you a glamping experience.


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Travel Trailer 2021 Variants

Travel Trailer 2021 RV has come with three different variants but the difference between three is just the weight and power system. The other features and styles are the same for all three variants. You can feel comfortable and relax in the vehicle and easily can do your office work with the home environment.

Travel Trailer 2021 Variants Travel Trailer 2021 Variants

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Engine Power

All three models are powered with “Lithium-ion Battery” that is helping full for electric vehicle chargers. The engineers of the vehicle made it with a high power train. The Core, Max, and Pro all are powered with Volta Power System. Between all three models, Pro is a top power vehicle it can produce 3,080 watts of solar and 47,600 watt-hours of energy storage. Although Lithium-ion Battery is considered as a market highest power battery.

Engine Power Engine Power

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Exterior Design

The company has designed this luxury vehicle with aluminum and stainless steel. The vehicle is sturdy to maintain balance on off-road and the additional four-inch lifts are available as lift. The vehicle is considered for driving in 4-seasons. To ensure the lower compartment is safe and the temperature is regulated Optimal Functioning, All Sensitive Systems, Including Power and Water are working perfectly. To bring the natural lights company has fitted large windows, skylights, and glass sliding. The vehicle is like the owner has made it for all types of work office enjoys holidays read books and enjoy your day like at home.

Exterior Design

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Interior Design

The interior design gives you a luxury apartment vibes. The creators of this vehicle make it comfortable and convenient for its users. You can feel like you spend your holidays at your luxury home. The floor of the vehicle is waterproof you can say that it’s a vehicle that offers you a mini luxury home. There is a huge space for luggage and other additional things you want to take with yourself.

Interior Design Interior Design

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A queen size bedroom withdraws and skylight available for your comfort. The room is very large you can add your office equipment like a computer table in the bedroom. There is also a large dining room and if the sport of bedroom, not enough for your family you can use the dining room as a bedroom with a folding bed.

Bedroom Bedroom

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Like all other comfort interiors, the bathroom is also made with a luxury spa style. Customers have two options for toilet:

  • Water-saving electric toilet with a bidet
  • Composting toilet (with large grey water tank)

The bathroom heater and 12-volt towel are also available in the bathroom.

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The kitchen is very large there is no chance that you will miss your home because it offers all the necessary and luxurious things you need it in your home. There are enough cabins in the kitchen you can store all types of food products. The cooking arena offers three-burner and oven its means you can make anything you want to eat. The other things including:

  • Glass cooktop
  • Ice maker
  • Wine cooler
  • Water sterilizer
  • Air purifier


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However, after knowing about this luxury apartment on the vehicle we can’t say that it’s not enough. The features and style of the vehicle are extraordinarily comfortable and desirable for their customers. No one can say that its not enough for a family tour. You can stay anywhere you want to stay and make your memories good. After the pictures and revealed features, the excitement for this vehicle enhances.

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