Sri Lanka Import Policy

You can see a large number of Japanese cars on Sri Lanka roads. The sale and purchase of Japanese cars in Sri Lanka are very famous. Used car buyer’s high priority is Japanese used cars. General in Sri Lanka Maritime port of Colombo used of imported cars.

Shipment Method:

Two shipment methods used in Sri Lanka Roll on, Roll off is a common shipment method for used cars but on customer’s demand Container Shipment method is also available.

Vehicle Age:

You can’t import sedan cars less than two years whereas vehicles in which vans and dual-purpose age allowed are 5 years. Above then 2 years of car age, you can’t import in Sri Lanka and above 5 years age vehicles are not allowed. This age requirement is compulsory for used cars import. You can import only Right-Hand Drive vehicles in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Import policy of Japanese used cars

Documents Required:

  • Original Bill of Landing
  • Owner’s Passport
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Transport Ministry Approval must be obtained by the importer before the shipping of land hand drive vehicle.
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Original registration certificate (must have English translation)
  • Import license