The global auto market is very large. One of the most growing industries in the world in the automotive industry. Auto manufacturers always working to invent new ideas new technology to compete in the race of technology. The race of expensive cars increases from the past few years. The cars are going to expensive when automakers put more effort into the car. Luxury cars don’t need to be expensive according to the technology used in the car.

Some people are crazy about cars and they have no concerns about the prices. Several people are like the car because of its high price tag. Everyone has a different type of satisfaction level but the sale of high prices cars is very high in the global market.

It is very difficult to choose what is the most car in the world? Every year thousands of expensive cars launched in the global market. Today we talk about the most expensive car from the last 5 years.

Most Expensive Car In The World 2016:

The market for expensive cars is very high because the competition for expensive cars cants beatable. The cost of expensive cars is very high that is the reason the price of this is very high. In 2016 Ferrari launched its hottest piece of car Ferrari 250 GTO this car is all the time of favorite for the sports car lovers. The company had only a few units of this car only 39 units of this car made in two years. This was the most expensive car in 2016. the price of this car was $38 million. According to the features and specifications of this car, the price is not too high. This car is 2 door and has amazing speed this car can go 0 to 100 km only in 6.1 seconds.

The car is considered a super powerful sports car. This car launched with a limited edition and the company has received an over humbling response on this car from consumers.

Most Expensive Car In The World 2017:

In 2017 the world’s most expensive car was McLaren P1 LM. The car has an amazing speed level the engine power of this car is 3.8 liters twin-turbo V8. The engine of this car is gold plated that is create this vehicle more expensive and attractive for the consumer.

At the time of launching the demand for this car is very high everyone who loves the McLaren P1 LM wants to buy this car because of its produced in the limited edition. The features of the car are sharp and flat shape car. the engine of this car produces 1000 horsepower. The amazing features of this car attract its consumers and increase its market demand.

Most Expensive Car In The World 2018:

Mostly the most expensive car units are build in few numbers but in 2018 the most expensive car in the world has the only unit. Yes, its Sweptail by Rolls Royce and company has produced only one unit of this car and its on-demand. The company has avoided exposing the name of this person who is the owner of this $19 million worth car.

As I already told the car has only one unit and its build on the demand that’s why the car is not going to the market. Sweptail is a two-door car and the sunroof is fully panoramic. Looking wise the car is old fashion with new design and features. The car has fantastic features and the engine of this car is V12 and it’s including in the heavy engine power car.

Most Expensive Car In The World 2019:

In 2019 Bugatti unveiled the most expensive car of the year La Voiture Noire with the price tag of $ 19 million. This is the only one expensive car of 2019 and takes the heavy attention of Bugatti lovers.

The car is famous in the market as the best engine power. The engine of this car is 8.0 liter W12. its engine produces 1500 horsepower and 1600 Nm of torque. The price of this car is high because the car made with carbon fiber and it is the most popular and strong material that is used in luxury cars.

The mind-blowing engine power of this vehicle increases its market demand. The loo vise car is fantastic and attracts to everyone’s eyes.

Most Expensive Car In The World 2020:

The trending of producing luxury cars increasing with time. Many auto manufacturers that already manufacture the most expensive cars in the world are working on it to produce the best and most expensive car for 2020. currently, auto manufacturers never launched the vehicle and they consider Bugatti La Voiture Noire as the most expensive car still.

The lover of expensive car buyers is just waiting for the upcoming edition of the most expensive car and finds out the new technology in the upcoming car. Bugatti La Voiture Noire is still a favorite car in the market. Soon it will be replaced with another expensive car.


It’s difficult to find the person who owns the most expensive car in the world because every year one car wins a ta of the most expensive car in the world. Mostly the editions of expensive cars are limited and its sold in the market very fast. The vehicle market is increasing day by day because auto manufacturers use advance technologies and sometimes made and unexpected technology cars to entertain its consumer. The price of cars depends on the features and material that the company uses to make a car.

Let us know about your opinion on expensive cars, features, specifications, and price. What’s your opinion on it? Comment your opinion in the comment section and stay connected with My Auction Sheet for more news and updates related to the above topic.

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