This article provides the complete process of import car in Pakistan. Cars are expensive no doubt but in Pakistan, cars have always been expensive than usual as compared to other countries like China, India, or Japan. Most of this, of course, has to do with the barely existing infrastructure of auto manufacturing in Pakistan and the dependence on imports. 

There are some particular amounts of buyers who wish to have such wonderful accessories in their cars. However, in other cases, many people prefer low budget cars which they can afford easily without any add-ons. Whereas, there are a lot of features in imported cars which fascinate the customers. It includes airbags, push-starts ignition, power windows, central locking system, intermittent wipers, and many more. 

As a consequence, people prefer imported cars. Customers/ buyers assume that these cars are better in quality as compared to local ones.

Japanese cars have been imported in huge quantities in Pakistan. More than 65,000 cars have been imported in Pakistan last year. Toyota Vitz is considered to be one of the most imported cars. Vehicles can be imported in Pakistan under generally applicable procedures and requirements.

However, with the huge inflow of Japanese cars, some people here are nevertheless skeptical of the sellers and favor to import these cars themselves. For their ease, we’ve laid down a step with the aid of step information for importing Japanese motors in Pakistan.

How to Import Car In Pakistan?

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Schemes for Import:

The structure of taxes and duty under these three schemes remains the same. Following are the three schemes mentioned 

Personal Baggage:

 It requires the following documents:

· Bill of Lading

· Origin card of Pakistan or attested passport photocopy

· Purchase receipt of car

· Declaration of Goods

Gift Scheme:

 If you want to import the car through this scheme then it demands below-mentioned documents:

· Bill of Lading 

· Origin card of Pakistan or attested passport photocopy of the used car donor

· CNIC of the used car receiver

· Purchase receipt of Car

· Declaration of Goods

Transfer of Residence:

Following documents are required by the customers if they want to import car through this scheme:

  • Origin card of Pakistan or attested passport photocopy
  • Driving license
  • Acknowledged copy of declaration which is being provided upon the applicant’s arrival
  • Purchase receipt of Car
  • Bill of Lading 
  • Declaration of Goods

Scooters and motorbikes can be imported only under this scheme

Passenger Cars:

According to the import policy of Pakistan, only up to 3 years (2017 onwards) passenger cars are allowed to be imported in the country.

SUVs and Commercial Vehicles:

According to the import policy of Pakistan, only up to 5 years old (2015 onwards) commercials cars are allowed to be imported in Pakistan.

Most demanded Cars:

Mark X, Land Cruiser Prado, Aqua Hybrid, Prius Hybrid, Vitz Yaris, Passo, Pixis, Alto, Every, Mira E:S, Move, Hijet Van, Moco, Dayz, Carol, EK Wagon, Fit, Life Toyota, Daihatsu, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Corolla Fielder, and Premio.

How to Select Your Desired Car (Step by Step):

How to Import Car In Pakistan?
For signup go to:
  1. You can find many online whose websites exhibit the stock of on-hand Japanese cars. Once you sign up on any of these web sites using getting into your e-mail and contact info, you can then proceed to the subsequent step which is choosing the auto of your choice.
  2. After choosing the car of your choice, you can search for its specifications if you have any doubts regarding the quality of the vehicle. You can see the list of cars available in the inventory. 

For example, if you choose the Toyota Land Cruiser, you can view its image. Import details will also be mentioned (Model, Mileage, Year of Manufacture and Color, etc.). 

  1. The website will provide all the necessary information about the car price, auction fee, various charges including C&F (Cost and Freight), charges for your desired port, etc.
  2. The auction fee determines the information of the car in detail. It’s like a car’s x-ray report. Be certain to cautiously study and recognize it or contact any of your professional buddies on this remember and let them grasp a look.
  3. Upon analyzing the auction list, if you’re severely fascinated by importing the car, you’ll have to credit a preliminary amount of $1000 (this preliminary quantity can fluctuate from company to company) in the company’s account. This is the minimum quantity required for coming into the auction and the proper information is that it’s refundable if you don’t win the auction bid
  4. Once you’ve positioned the bid on your preferred car, you will then be notified using the agency about the result of the bid on the stated auction date.
  5. If you won the bid, the company of the selected car will ask you to credit the amount remaining which is the difference of prevailing rate and preliminary deposit alongside C&F charges.
  6. You must stay conscious that you have to pay for your car in foreign currency by S.R.O. 52(1)/2019.
  7. After the successful purchase of the car and the deposit has been confirmed, the company will send you the original document of the car using courier earlier than the cargo commences. It includes the following documents:
  • Original Invoice
  • Original Export certificate in Japanese
  • Translated Export certificate in English
  • Two copies of original B/L (Bill of lading)

8. The vehicle then reaches at Karachi port in about 15 days. However, this figure is no longer absolute due to the random delays that can be triggered owing to intense climate conditions.

9. After this, you’ll want to appoint a customs agent who will deal with the complete (cumbersome) method of customs clearance, along with clearance of the automobile, passport fees, and port charges, etc.

I hope this article has cleared your mind about the procedure of the vehicles being imported in Pakistan.

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