Earn money at home is easier in Pakistan by renting your car to companies. If you have a car but the use of your car is barely in your life or if you have two cars and use only one car you can earn money with your car. In Pakistan, several companies offer car owners to rent their cars in the company and earn fixed money from them. There are so many options to earn an extra amount in your car but rent a car to the company is the best option. Some companies offer insurance but some just offer monthly maintenance. Rent a car is a very common word in Pakistan. The people who do not afford to buy a car or don’t know how to drive preferred to rent a car. Today we will provide you answer to the most rising question I want to give my car for rent to the company.


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Car Rent Options In Pakistan

Several companies in Pakistan offer rental cars and earn money and they all have different rules and packages. The basic options that offer are:

  • Rent your car on a monthly basis
  • Rent your car on a yearly basis

In both options, you can earn maximum money because they offer a fixed amount against your car. On monthly basis, you can take back your car after month. On yearly basis, the company will return your car after one year or two according to the agreement. In both options, you have no right to go against the agreement and ask about your car before completing the time period.

Car Rent Options In Pakistan

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Research For Rental Car Companies

Before opting for any rental company makes sure you have completed research about the company. Do not depend on one company. Search comprehensively about rental car companies on the internet. All companies almost update all information about rental requirements on the internet. When you find the best and trustable company contact them and ask about the process of ranting your car. Every company required certain information regarding your car so ask them before making a contract. Do not take a decision suddenly because it’s a matter of your car and you have spent a large amount on your car. Do not send your car to the wrong company that is not giving any guarantee about the car.

Research For Rental Car Companies

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Requirements for Rent Car to Company

Your car condition is the most important thing that every company will notice before taking your car for rent. It’s better to maintain your car before sending it for rental. Here are the basic requirements for rental cars in Pakistan:

Car Condition:

It’s very rare in Pakistan that travel agencies or car rental companies take a car in poor condition. Most companies required a good condition car that is reliable for their customers. Make sure your car must be in good condition when you send it to its rental company.

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Documentation Process:

The documentation process will be easier and fast if you would complete your car documentation before going to the company for the contract. Don’t forget car rental companies required complete documents with original stamps.

Commercial Use Permit

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Commercial Use Permit:

A commercial use permit is required to gives your car to the company for use. Make sure you have a permit for your car for commercial use.


Make sure about the security of your car. When you give cars without diver ask security deposit from the company. This will help you, in any case, your car damaged by the company they are responsible for maintenance.

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List Your Car:

List your car with the company by accepting all the terms & conditions of the company. The company will provide you agreement of terms & conditions and if you are agreed with them they will get back to you after 1 to 2 weeks.

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Car Review:

After listing a car rental Company will get back to you and ask for the review vehicle.

Types of Agreement:

The agreement depends on the availability and demand of your car and for what purposes the company can use your car. Usually, there are two types of agreements used in Pakistan for rental cars:

  • A long-term contract is a special contract in which a car is used for events and corporate clients.
  • A short-term contract is usually for a few weeks or one month’s use of your car.


It’s a good idea to rent out your car and earn money. But make sure that you give your car to the right company. Does not compromise on the security make sure the company will offer you vehicle security for maintenance? Sign the agreement after reading all the documents about the vehicle rental conditions. From the last few years, rental cars working very well in Pakistan and people use it as a side earing option.

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