When we are looking for a car from japan auction house you may notice that the auction sheet report is attached to every car but it’s not easy for everyone to understand the auction sheet but internet searching is very common the approach of the internet is very easy for everyone. You can also translate the Japanese auction sheet in your words through the internet. Today we are going to explain to you what is the grade in auction sheet? How you can idea about the car by understanding grades.

A grade is a number that is mentioned in the report and tells us that the car inspector gives this number to the car after checking the condition of the car. The buying of Japanese used cars is very high in the global market and an explanation of grade prevents you from accidental cars. This is the reason why buyers finalize the car deal after checking the grade.  You can say that the auction sheet report is an Ex-ray of a Japanese car that helpful for selecting a good Japanese used car.

The grade is not mentioned by the seller it’s mentioned by the auction house inspector. Japanese car dealer shops are named as an auction house in Japan and all used car dealing happened in the auction houses. Every car that is come for sale in the auction house is checked by the auction house car inspector. The inspection of the Japanese auction house is very strict and hard because they mentioned the true condition of the car on the auction sheet.

How Grades are Mentioned?

Grades are mention according to the condition but the tough thing is they mentioned even the small scratch and dent on the auction sheet that decreases the market value of the car. The system to clarify the car is strict because japan maintained its reputation in the global market. Every auction house has its own system to provide a ranking of the car but they never mentioned the highest grade on mint condition car.

Status is mention according to the condition of the car if you sold a low mileage car its means the condition of the car is good and this type of car sold at a good price. The explanation mention of the auction report helps us to give a quick about the condition. Do we have so many questions about Japanese grades like what is the grade in auction sheet design? What is the grade in auction sheet japan? Today we will answer all your questions.

How to Grade Effect the Japanese Car price

Japanese car prices vary according to the grades its means they are not deal with every car at the same price. They mentioned the condition of the car in grade form that is easily understandable for everyone. Japanese car buyers are not from one country, 70% of the countries trust the Japanese car and the number they mention to the idea about the condition is understandable for every buyer. Everyone knows that the price of the vehicle depends on the condition of its general information and not only applied only in cars but on all used products sale and purchases. Thousands of people from different countries import used vehicles from Japan and they select the car because of the position of the car that is shown in the auction report. This is a trust and the Japanese never break this trust of its customers and never ruined its position in the market. You can also guess the price according to the condition that is mentioned in the report that the price of the vehicle is higher than the market or not.

What is the Grade in Auction Sheet Details?

The meaning of the Japanese grading system is not different for every country. Japanese cars sold on a grading system that is mention by auction houses. Japanese dealer mentions the condition of the car in one figure that is called auction sheet grade. Japan is not only sold used cars you can also buy a new car from its auction houses. Let’s see what the meaning of different grades below is the three words that are used in the auction sheet:

S Grade:

It’s considered a new car because this grade vehicle is very low mileage. These types of vehicles are not using more and the condition of the vehicle is like new. The prices of the S grade cars are higher than others.

R Grade:

R means Repair its means might be the minor accident that happened with the car.

AR Grade:

AR is stood for Repair Accidental cars this type of car repair in Japan after the accident.

The grade for Accidental Cars:

The above three grades clarify the condition but the question is how accidental cars grade mention? Don’t worry my next explanation is about how you check the accidental car. Accidental cars mention with this sign “***” three stars are used to identify that the car is accidental and sold in accidental conditions. If your dealer shows the car in good condition and no sign of accident it’s mean the car is repaired after came from Japan because they mention the accidental repair car with its AR grade.

Meaning of Numbers Grades

The above grades are clearly understandable for everyone but these are not enough the cars that are non-accidental, non-repair are mentioned in this form: 2 grades, 3 grade, 3.5 grade, 4 grade, 4.5 grade, 5 grade, 6 grade.

These grades explain the condition of the car as the grade is going high it’s mean the condition of the car is excellent. Low grades mean there are some scratches and dents are on the car that decreases the value of the car.

2 grade, 3grade, and 3.5-grade explanation:

If these grades mention on the auction sheet it’s mean the condition of the car is mint but it doesn’t mean that car is not good sometimes there are only some small scratches on the cars that are the reason for low grade.

4 grade, 4.5 grade:

4 and 4.5-grade cars are mostly in very good condition and the prices of these cars are higher than the above grades. These types of vehicles are less driven in Japan.

5 and 6 grade:

These are including in the highest grades. The 6-grade car is driven less 30,000 km and the 5-grade car is driven less 60,000 km the condition of the car is just like new. There is no repair scratch and dent happened on these cars.


At the last don’t forget to check the grade mark of auction sheet before buying a Japanese car because you can’t identify that the car is good or not as compared to the market. Grades are helpful to get an idea about the market price of the vehicle and the main purpose why Japanese dealers mention this on the report to clear you that Japanese cars are sold according to the condition.

I hope the above information is very helpful for the new and old buyer of a Japanese car to buy a good car.

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